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Characteristics of C_5 Petroleum Resin

C-5 petroleum resin , also known as C5 petroleum…

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C9 Hydrocarbon Resin

C9 Hydrocarbon Resin

Product introduction

Shenghong C9 petroleum Resin is aromatic hydrocarbon resin,we produced C9 Resin by two ways: catalytic polymerization and Pressure thermal polymerization.

They have good compatibility with polymer,solvent,and plasticizer. And also have good water resistance and chemical stability.

ItemSoftening   Point(℃)Color   Gardner(#)Acid   Value(KOH mg/g)ProductionApplication
HMASBAPaintInkRubber   CompoundingAsphalt   emulsion mixtures
SH-L10095-105Max.70.1MaxCatalytic     polymerization

SH-L110106-115Max.70.1MaxCatalytic     polymerization

SH-L120116-125Max.70.1MaxCatalytic     polymerization

SH-L130126-135Max.70.1MaxCatalytic     polymerization

SH-L140131-140Max.70.1MaxCatalytic     polymerization

SH-10090-1007-180.5Maxthermal     polymerization

SH-110101-1107-180.5Maxthermal     polymerization.

SH-120111-1207-180.5Maxthermal     polymerization.

SH-130121-13011-180.5Maxthermal     polymerization.

SH-140131-14011-180.5Maxthermal     polymerization.

Test     MethodASTM   E28ASTM   D1544ASTM   D974_


1.  hot melt adhesive 

2. Solvent based paint

3. Printing Ink

4. Rubber Compounding

5. Asphalt emulsion mixtures

6.shoes paints 

7.woodworking adhesive 

8.alkyd paint

9.carton sealing adhesive 

Application field
C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
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