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Characteristics of C_5 Petroleum Resin

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C-5 petroleum resin, also known as C5 petroleum resin, has occupied an important position as tackifying resin. Among them, hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, rubber tires and other fields are the most used. Petroleum resin is suitable for hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and rubber tires. They have good compatibility with SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS and other styrene polymers, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and EVA. They also have good compatibility with natural tackifiers (terpenes, rosin and its derivatives), and improve the properties of adhesives to varying degrees. In recent years, petroleum resin has gradually taken the place of natural tackifier because of its high peel bonding strength, good fast adhesion, stable bonding performance, moderate melt viscosity, good heat resistance, good compatibility with polymer matrix and low price.

Characteristics of C_5 petroleum resin in adhesives:

Good fluidity can improve the wettability of main materials.

It has good viscous property and outstanding initial viscous property.

Excellent aging resistance.

The cohesion strength and peeling strength reach the best balance.

The color is light.

Transparent, low odor, low volatile matter.

Characteristics of C_5 petroleum resin in the field of tire rubber:

Excellent tackifying

It can play a softening and reinforcing role in the process of processing, and improve the extensibility and anti-spalling property.

It can significantly improve the raw viscosity, but does not affect the curing time and physical properties after curing.

Avoid adhesion to processing machinery.

Help fill material to distribute evenly.

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